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What to do if you fall behind on payments for your car?

Has your car been repossessed? The bank is threatening to repossess your car because of arrears? Whatever the case, you have options. Filing bankruptcy, you can work out a plan to exit the repossession threats made by its finance company.

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Bankruptcy is a tool that can be used to discharge or restructure your debt. It is not to punish you for your failure, and many customers who choose bankruptcy can keep all their possessions. Bankruptcy can put a stop to the repossession of your house, claims, lawsuits and harassment from collection companies.


Chapter: 7
When a customer applies for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, they go to the Court to declare that they can not bear the debt. Known as liquidation bankruptcy, Chapter 7 will discharge the entire not insured debt of the client. This is achieved by delivering all non-exempt property to a trustee to sell the items and use the proceeds to pay creditors of the client.

Chapter: 11
Perhaps this is the type of bankruptcy most widely known. Corporations and individuals not covered by the requirements to declare bankruptcy under Chapter 13 for having exceeded the limits of debt can use bankruptcy under Chapter 11. This bankruptcy allows a corporation to reorganize and stay in business and allows an individual to retain their property.

Chapter: 13
Customers who file for bankruptcy Chapter 13, are looking to restructure their debt. With the help of a bankruptcy qualified lawyer, the client will develop a plan to pay most of its debt in a period of 3 to 5 years. This allows the client to maintain assets such as a car or a house, if the debt is confirmed by the client and all arrears are included in the plan for the payment of Chapter 13.

Chapter: 9
Chapter 9, is similar to Chapter 11, with the exception that it is used by municipalities and is therefore not relevant to a single debtor.

Chapter: 12
This bankruptcy chapter is used by farmers and fishermen with a regular annual income. This type of bankruptcy is very similar to bankruptcy under Chapter 13.

Chapter: 15
Bankruptcy under Chapter 15, is the newest type of bankruptcy. This is utilized when there are debts outside of the United States.

Bankruptcy laws are designed to protect you.

People living in the United States fall into debt for a number of reasons. Recession has brought job loss to many who are still unable to find work. Also, an unexpected illness can skyrocket people's medical bills while they discover that their insurance coverage is insufficient.

Bankruptcy allows you to discharge certain debts or repay them over time. Bankruptcy may protect your home, your car and other assets, and it gets creditors immediately off your back.

Bankruptcy allows you to discharge certain debts or repay them over time. It also may protect your home, your car and other assets, and it gets creditors immediately off your back.

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